Hey! I’m Victor 👋 I am a Linux, Emacs, and Tmux heavy user. I use a weird keyboard and like to build programming languages.

I’m currently working for Code Climate.

Open Source Projects

  • tiny-lang — A different programming language. Support a bunch of spoken languages, such as Russian and Portuguese.
  • blockchain — Elixir blockchain engine. With all those cool stuff like POW and Priv/Pub keys. Same address Base58 algorithm used in bitcoin.
  • js-hcl-parser — Exported Golang library to parse HCL<>JSON in JavaScript.
  • gps-job — Google Cloud Pub/Sub adapter and worker for ActiveJob.
  • Email — E-mail me, I’ll probably answer you in less than 15 mins.
  • GitHub — My open source contributions.
  • Instagram — #tech #wakeboard #coffee #crossfit
  • Linkedin — You can see cool companies that I worked for.
  • StackOverflow — Sometimes I copy source code from there.
  • Twitter — A bunch of cool retweets about technology.
  • RSS — Are you using this?