Why small posts?

I like small posts, and I prefer to do some research about what I am reading.

I have a personal rule called 3 minutes reading. I like to read the essential. In a simpler way. The minimal.

These are my ideas, discoveries, not a full and comprehensive comparative research about a subject.

Roasting Coffee At Home

When I first drank freshly roasted coffee, I felt mindblowing. All other experiences became outdated. I created a new level line.

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Learn to say No

Last year, I’d been writing some ideas, some thoughts, and behaviors that I have had.

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Best Code Review Question

I’ve been reviewing code for the last ten years. My GitHub chart is about 32% of code review and 29% of pull requests. Does this lead to a question: How many pull requests I created or reviewed?

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Oxidize says Hello World!

Last week, I researched about boot, BIOS, UEFI, bootloader, compiler, and I was able to get my operating system to say something. In fact, are 230 lines of Rust to say “Welcome to Oxidize!!”.

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