2020 Year in review

Victor Antoniazzi · December 22, 2020

I separated my year into two major parts, Goals and topics. Goals are the tasks that I wrote in January 2020 to accomplish this year. I’ve written 3 goals.

  • 3 countries in 3 continents;
  • 2 months in another contry;
  • Minimalism.

For the topics, I’ve written 4 major things that I want to do in 2020.

  • Master Emacs;
  • Study React source code;
  • Read 10 books;
  • Improve algorithms knowledge.

I love to do long-term planning. I’ve been planning my life since I was 20. I do have 6+ years of experience planning my year.

This was a weird year. I had to be safe at home and couldn’t accomplish two of three major goals. Meanwhile, I had more time to accomplish tasks that I wish to learn or study.

Let’s go to see what I am proud of what I’ve accomplished this year.

  • Open Source contributions: elixir-lang/elixir, elixir-lang/ex_doc, elixir-lang/gen_stage, absinthe-graphql/absinthe_plug, replit/polygott, cerebris/jsonapi-resources. These contributions are in my GitHub;
  • Participate in a Language Jam, provided by Repl.it. I did not win, but it was fun creating the Russian version of the language. Thank you @veraprot;
  • Did my first talk in English. As a always work in progress English learner, I felt amazed when I did it. In fact were two talks at Code Climate: About Compilers and Interpreters and Blockchain;
  • I’ve read the blockchain and the bitcoin papers and built my own blockchain engine. As a lover of algorithms and low-level implementations, it was an awesome 2 months journey;
  • My first year at Code Climate. My close friends know that I got bored as soon as I enter the comfort zone, but Code Climate is an amazing environment to learn and participate in. I like working here so much, and I learn every day a lot of different topics. Thank you, engineering team;
  • I used my bare hands to do a couple of DIY projects: Concrete table (it weighs 100kg!), plant holder, shelves, and painted few walls;
  • I started my own coffee roaster. Here in my region, we do not have excellent coffees, so I started my business family roastery, and today my mother and my father run it. I drank a lot of awesome Brazilian coffee, as I learned a lot about roasting a good coffee and I made more than 100 tests with beans;
  • I did more than 100 hours of private English lessons. It was hard because I do not have so much available time, and when I have, I do prefer doing open source or building software or solving a problem;
  • My 1951 Ford Jeep Willys is done. It took me 4 years of hard work. I know every screw that it has. I loved to see an old project done;
  • I moved my blog from Medium to GitHub pages. I do believe that information should be free, and anyone should be charged;
  • Read 13 books, including DDD, Working in Public, Communication Between Cultures, The Art of Doing Science and Engineering, and so on;
  • Improved my minimalism. I understand that we need to do baby steps to accomplish;
  • Finished the Soft Skills Professional Certificate program at edX, nice journey of 3 months to get this professional certificate. I learned a lot how comunicate effectively;

At Code Climate, I was able to get excellent metrics this year!

Velocity Metrics

Did you see my rework rate? It’s because I prefer to refactor my code after 100% working and with tests, exactly like TDD specification.

The Review Cycles is that I had to work on large refactoring or large features that would be difficult breaking in small Pull Requests: Email notification, health check policy editor, and the first Pull Request regarding Developer 360 that we released this year at Code Climate. All these features are working right now in production. I’m proud of it!

I’m thinking about my next year’s goals, and probably they will be these two that I wasn’t able to accomplish because of Covid pandemic: 3 countries in 3 continents and live 2 months in another country. I want to write a book. Let’s see.

I hope to see you in the end of 2021 :D

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