From Vim To Emacs

Victor Antoniazzi · September 15, 2020

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build your own dotfiles](, if you did not yet. Change the theme; if you don’t like the default ones, do some research.

Lisp configuration

If you are not familiar with Lisp, you will be. The editor’s best part is that it is fully configurable. You will learn and enjoy Lisp.

Pro-tip: Become a Pro.

Remove the clickable parts of the editor, disable most of the visual mode. The icons are from the ’80s, as the editor, but it is better if you like to do it like a Pro, without fancy parts, using the shortcuts. Many contents from useful emacs packages you find online do not have fancy CSS docs, but the content is there. Org-mode official documentation is an example of that. It is up-to-date, so you can use and rely on this.

Emacs will be your last editor

Today we have a lot of different editors, like VScode, Atom, Sublime. They are excellent, but probably Emacs will be my last editor. I will keep it simple: Emacs shortcuts on Emacs, Browser shortcuts on Browser, and I will not spend so many hours trying to make my dotfiles fancy. I will go with the minimal.

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