How to teach programming through

Victor Antoniazzi Β· September 10, 2020

I posted a month ago, a blog post about Lang Jam, and we created a team there

In Tiny lang, we accept that other developers edit basic info from the language, like the regex to match if statements.

Right now, we have three versions of the language

We are accepting pull requests to support new spoken languages. You can submit on GitHub, and I will build it to run in

How to teach using

In the past, I taught programming to Brazilian children in Portuguese. At the time, I had to compile the lang in several computers and make sure that everything is okay before starting the class. It was five years ago, and we did not have Now it is much more accessible, with few clicks, anyone in the world without computer science knowledge can start writing the first lines of code in the primary language. This is what we are doing β€” enabling that people that do not know English learn how to do the first steps with programming.

Writing the first lines in PT-BR.

Create an account on Fork Click on Run Edit to become your program Edit tokens/portugues.yml to improve the language

You can copy and paste the following inside the to build your first control flow

imprimir "Qual a raiz quadrada de 16? ";

lerLinha associar numero resposta;

caso(resposta == 4)
  imprimir "Certa Resposta";

imprimir "O programa chegou ao fim";

It’s your turn. Have fun.

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