Language Jam

Victor Antoniazzi ยท August 10, 2020

This month, a new jam was open. The Language Jam.

It is nice to see a company investing in programming languages in general. Iโ€™ll submit mine.

The hackathon starts on August 10th and runs until August 31st. To enter, you have to create a Team when registration opens with a minimum of two team members. Registration will open on August 1st.

My team is @tiny-lang, you can access now the link and choose if you want to execute tiny-lang in Portuguese, English, or Russian. Next days we will make more releases to it, probably we will add German, Spanish, and Klingon as new idioms.

If are interested in teaching programming to children from non-English countries, we can build tiny-lang to your idiom remove the English barrier. You can Contact Me.

I hope to enjoy the challenge.

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