Roasting Coffee At Home

Victor Antoniazzi ยท April 10, 2021

When I first drank freshly roasted coffee, I felt mindblowing. All other experiences became outdated. I created a new level line.

@bzanchet explained to me how to house roasting with an electric popcorn machine. I bought a lot of green coffee from Mercado Livre (eBay from Brasil) and started roasting at home.


The more I study, the more difficult it becomes. After six months of learning how to roast coffee, we understand that the heat, time, rotation. The whole environment matters.

With the same coffee, we can make them more chocolate-like or fruity-like, just making tweaks in the environment.

O would like to advise you to do it at home. If you do have a popcorn machine, please test roasting coffee. Some advice here:

1- Get 50g of green coffee;

2 - Try to roast between 7 and 10 mins: More than this, the coffee will be flat. Less than this, you probably will burn the coffee;

3 - Cool down the coffee in the exact second that you removed from the popcorn machine;

4 - Wait 4 hours to drink the coffee: Do some tests. try to drink after the roasting, wait two days, etc. The fun is in the testing.

Iโ€™m roasting coffee for more than a year. I started a little coffee roaster now my family is running,

Right now, we have a 10-kilo machine with a lot of sensors that we can do whatever we want with the coffee. I am still learning and having fun roasting it โ€” my new hobby.

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